Tara Helfer is a Pittsburgh native and visual storyteller, working in illustration, animation and comics.

 The subject matter of her work emerges from childhood fears and curiosities growing up in the Appalachian region where development is sparse and a hunting culture is prominent. Narrative illustrations often appropriate symbols and characters from folklore, which are conveyed in a medley of diverging elements ranging from what is considered to be beautiful to the typically undesired, what is considered natural or man made, and what is believably alive or long past dead. Tara’s work blurs the assumptions of what is precious and desired, embracing abnormalities and impossibilities alike.


Tara is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a BFA in Fine Arts.

She is currently developing a short with Caitlin Rose Boyle and Nickelodeon.

For more information, please contact at tinypaperfangs@gmail.com